Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tippy toe, tippy toe

I will make no grand gesture of a return this time but will try to slink back quietly.

I bring pictures of knitting. A birthday shawl for my Mum

That was greatly appreciated.

A Christmas Gnome that I donated to a school mantelpiece looks bare without him so I may have to knit another!

The shawl was a fantastically easy pattern from Simply Knitting magazine. A four row repeat with 3 of the rows being knit or purl and just one row to shape the waves. I loved knitting it! I used this yarn and had enough left over to knit some rather nice of those will wait for another post

The gnome is of course an Alan Dart classic. I had to make the beard silver as he was to be sold on the 'silver' table at the school Christmas fair. I am pleased to say he found a good home very quickly.

Right, time for a cuppa and a peruse of my new Yarn Forward magazine before the little man awakes!