Thursday, 20 December 2007

Knitting goodies

First of all thank you all for the birthday wishes!I had a great day.....we took Imogen to the cinema for the first time and watched Enchanted, it was great!

Now onto the goodies!!!!My lovely family treated me to these lovely books

Now I'm the first to admit my photography skills are not the best....I apologise. In fact I never realised just how bad my photos were until I stared blogging but I'm sure you get the gist!

The advent decorations are nearly finished.....I know I know. I'm cutting it a bit fine but I just have a little santa to knit now-hurrah! I really hope I'm knitting an heirloom here, it's taken long enough!

Talking of heirlooms I found one today and gave it a polish

This was my Grandpa's. When I was little I used to look forward to trips upto Scotland so much and Grandpa's sweetie dish was part of that. He always had this on the table next to his chair and I loved sneeking sweets out of it! I found it today and thought just for Christmas it might be nice to get it out and use it!It's lovely seeing it again......of course I had to fill it with sweets.

Here's to happy memories


LauraJ said...

Hello and Happy Holidays! thank you for your visit today!
I vow to learn knitting in 2008! :D

Christabel said...

Love the sweet tray, it's great!
Looks like you got some nice treats too.
Happy new year!

melissa said...

Laura: I hope you had a happy birthday. It looks like you got some fun books to read.