Saturday, 19 January 2008

Sunshine on a rainy day!

January in Britain seems to last's grey and rainy, Christmas is over and pay day seems a long way off. There isn't anything to look forward too......until a parcel arrives! I love parcels and there's nothing like a parcel of wool to lift the spirits! I was waiting for some better light to take pictures but like that's going to happen any time soon!!

So thank you Christabel of the lovely Rhubarb Supreme. My first give away win was fantastic!

I now have the perfect excuse to try knitting some socks!I'm quite excited actually. My Mum, a seasoned sock knitter is coming to visit soon so I may wait so that I have some guidance....I'd hate to waste the beautiful wool! Watch this space though.....I'll keep tabs on the sock progress!

I haven't spent all of January moping. I have actually been knitting away. My dearest Sister is about to give birth to No 2. I can't resist a good ole baby cardigan!

Looks like Shrek and Binka can't resist them either!

Come on little can come out now, your cardigan awaits!!

After finishing the cardigan I was about to start a couple of other presents for birthdays coming up when Imogen sidled over and said 'Mummy.......knit something for me, Pleeeeeease!' After a heart melting look I was unable to resist and spent the next half an hour looking through every knitted toy book I own. She settled on the brown haired doll from one of my birthday gift books, she was very insistent about the brown hair. She proved to be a quick and easy knit. The next day I'd got this far.......

The day after that 'baby Imogen' was with us. I did suggest other girls names but my girl decided that her name was best!!


LauraJ said...

nothing brightens a day better than a parcel!
what a sweet little doll!

Christabel said...

That's so cute!
Yay for sock-knitting!

Jenny said...

How about if we swap! I'll send you some sunshine from Australia and you send us some rain!!!! I love the cardigan for your sister's baby and that knitted doll is so cute!

LauraJ said...

Hello and how are you?

bernard n. shull said...
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