Sunday, 7 February 2010

On the sixth day of specialness....... partner sent to me, a lovely new book!
I love craft books, even if I never make anything from them I love looking at the pictures.
They make me happy!

I am also the proud new owner of a scrumptious hot water bottle cover. The colour is a gorgeous blue and it's made in organic merino wool.
Thank you Philippa!

The list goes on.....if only you could smell this package,
the deep, rich smell of chocolate is wonderful. I think a chocolate sauce made with this would be rather wicked! Mmmmm!

Some lovely stationery that really is very fine!
It almost feels wrong listing so many gifts when it's not even my birthday tee hee!

Tomorrow I open package number 7!


Monica said...

hasn't this been a most fabulous swap?

Laura said...

Definitely! It has been so much fun looking at what other folks sent and received too!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear oh dear, the hot water bottle cover looks all bent! I was worried it wouldn't travel very well. You might have to block it again on your own hot water bottle :/

I love those little hands in the pictures :) xxx