Thursday, 12 August 2010

Oh poor me!

I often find myself wallowing in the dreariness that comes with being a woman at home. Feeling like I am the only person who has ever experienced the frustrations and exhaustion of mothering and general housework monotony. This is ridiculous I know, I just need to chat with my Mum, Sister, friends, heck, half the population to find echoes of these feelings and yet there are still times when I feel like it is only me struggling. It is always relieving to come across women I admire and find inspiring who admit to feeling the same sometimes!
I don't always feel like this, I hasten to add! I appreciate the small joys (and large) of being able to watch my children grow, but I do find the mental and physical demands (especially of a one year old) particularly draining.
On days like these I really have to remind myself to just focus on the small things like this beautiful flower peeking out from the weeds in the garden. Yes, the house may be a mess but there are lots of little bits of loveliness if I just realign my focus and keep telling myself
' This too shall pass'

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Monica said...

you are definitively NOT alone!!