Saturday, 27 March 2010

A change is as good as a rest....

We are back from our family holiday.
This was not a 'put your feet up' kinda holiday.
There was swimming everyday, and lots
of walking through the beautiful Longleat woodland.
Plus two small children who decided to wake at
5.30am EVERY DAY!
But we had a great time, and I certainly feel refreshed
and ready to Spring clean and face the world again.

We also visited Bristol zoo and saw this lovely fellow
(Mr R's favourite)

This very cute little fellow (my favorite!)

And lots of beautiful butterflies (Imogen's favourite)

It is just as well I have refreshed my spirits.
Spring is the season of many birthdays in my family.
In April my little girl will be 5... I'm not too worried about
her celebrations as her knew Hello Kitty obsession
makes for an easy theme and gift solution!

Just 6 short days after her my baby will be 1!
Where has the year gone?

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ofpinsandneedles said...

Hello hello! I am late to this and probably late to wish your little ones Happy Birthday, but belatedly so, happy spring to all of you! And happiest of birthdays to Imogen and Oscar and to their mum, too!

(My mum always says she thinks it's the mum who should be celebrated on a birthday, since she did at least half the hard work! ;) )