Wednesday, 6 January 2010

In which I acheive some knitting and learn to crochet

Well that's Christmas done for another year. I love the run up to Christmas and all the festivities but there is also something exciting about packing it all away and wondering what the year ahead will bring. I am enjoying the structure that the school run brings ( the enjoyment will wane as the term progresses I'm sure!). I have managed to squeeze in a little crafting. A good friend gave birth to a little baby boy on the 27th of Dec and so a cheery winter cardi was in order

I am also very pleased that I have finally got the hang of crochet. For a long time I have looked at 'How to' guides and I've even had people show me how to do it and although I could understand it in my head I could never quite get my hands to do what was required. I have tried and tried ( I have lots of lovely crochet patterns going to waste because of this inability to master the craft...very frustrating!). Spurred on by my sister's gift to me of an amigurumi book I have managed to produce a tortoise (as requested my husband and daughter....although daughter has now asked for a pink elephant....all good practise!)

Ta Da!

Methinks 2010 may be the year of crochet for me!

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interknitter said...

Oh my goodness he is cute. Amigurumi is the only thing I can ever imagine learning crochet for ... that and crochet along the edge of steeking, or fancy bind-offs. I can't wait to see the pink elephant! :)