Sunday, 17 January 2010

Seven Things

I have been tagged by Philippa to write about 7 things I love. I have been mulling it over and it's very hard not to just reel off food, knitting, music etc..... I've been trying to think of little things (that don't make me sound too mad!)

Here we go then.....

Quotes: I used to 'collect' quotes as a teenager. I still have a big red book filled with all sorts of snippets from books I've read. A little cheesy perhaps but I do find them inspiring. I don't have a favourite but one that I happened upon recently is this

'better do a kindness at home than walk a thousand miles to burn incense'
The Dalai Lama
This made me a child I was taken along to all sorts of 'spiritual' gatherings which were thoroughly dull and usually involved too much incense, I'm inclined to agree with the Dalai Lama on this one.

Irn Bru: Now bare with me.....I don't mean the amber liquid itself but the memories and feelings that are evoked when I drink some. Irn Bru was the family 'treat' drink when I was little, preserved for birthdays and Christmas and trips to my Grandparents in Scotland. It still doesn't feel like a party to me if I haven't had some Irn Bru! Just the smell makes me feel about 7 years old and I am filled with happy memories. Much the same as a satsuma fills me with Christmas excitement.....satsumas DO smell like Christmas! I love that certain tastes and smells can evoke such feelings and while I don't get quite as excited about Christmas as I did when I was a small child I can still enjoy little flash backs with the help of my senses!

Stationery: Another thing I used to collect and still love. Notebooks, writing paper, pens, stickers. I love it all. As much as I love the internet there's nothing quite like receiving a letter in the post. That said I don't have to use my stationary to get pleasure from it. A bit like just looking at my yarn stash fills me with joy a pretty notebook just sitting on a shelf can do the same thing (I will never be a minimalist....I just like 'stuff'!)

Being alone: If you had asked me to describe myself before I had children I would have said I was bubbly and a bit of an extrovert, amongst other things. Now, I don't think that my basic personality has changed but I read something recently (I forget where) that clarified something in my head. The gist of what I read was that extroverts are people that recharge their batteries by being around other people while introverts are people that need to be alone to recharge. I'd never heard this way of describing it before but it made sense to me. I love company but after 4 years of having a small being with me pretty much 24/7 I do crave time alone. The snippets that I get here and there just feel like bliss and I lap them up. Not that I'm wishing my babies childhoods away but hey....something to look forward to in retirement!

Playing: One of the great things about being a parent is getting time to play. I love breaking out the playdough as much as Imogen. It's also given me the chance to knit toys....I love knitting small things. Luckily my husband is just as mature (ahem) as me. I found a Marvel Comic double
duvet cover that I got him for his birthday ( we both secretly love it!). Swinging on the swings in the park is another thing.....very therapeutic!

Plymouth Aquarium: I love this place. I could sit and watch the fish for hours. Especially the huge Atlantic Ocean tank.

Ermmmmm, struggling now!

Browsing a Thesaurus: I had actually forgotten how much I liked thesauruses until I started thinking about this post. When writing essays for my degree I would start looking for an alternative word and then get endlessly distracted by more interesting words. That's one of the things I love about English, there's just so many ways to say the same thing! I remember when I started learning Welsh (compulsory up to GCSE level where I went to school) that I was amazed at how little vocabulary there was in did make it a bit easier to learn.

Well that's me done! I don't like to write a post without a picture and
I have none that are relevant to what I've written so I will show you my
new tin, I acquired it from my Mother-in-Law .

It's the Twelve Days of Christmas and just lovely.... in fact I do like a nice tin!

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interknitter said...

I love thought-provoking quotations, stationary, being alone and thesauruses (therausi?)! What a great list! And the tin is lovely.

(As for the Irn Bru, I'm with you on the feelings it evokes ... the taste is a whole other story of ick-ness) ;)