Monday, 11 January 2010


School is open and I am glad.
Imogen is also pleased as she is now a full time pupil
and gets to take the all important packed lunch to school.

The house is calm, baby asleep and soup cooking. It now
feels like the New Year has started properly, after the false start of last week.
I am feeling good about 2010, I feel like I'm getting the
hang of this parenting thing now and am really enjoying it.

If I could find my camera I would leave you with a picture of the sleeping babe but I can't so I give you St Ives on a lovely (if a little chilly) day just after Christmas.....We had a lovely time walking on the beach and when we got back to the car discovered that for 2 hours the passenger door had been left wide open! Nothing was taken, the car was just a bit cold! Good ole honest Cornish folk!

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