Monday, 15 October 2007

Arty Party Things

Imogen loves doing arty crafty things, although she gets a little muddled and asks for arty party things! I love it as we both sit there surrounded by paper, glue, paint or whatever takes our fancy and play around.Our latest creation was a real joint effort to make a dolly bedroom.....who needs a doll's house when you have cardboard boxes lying around. Imogen's favourite part were the 'Night Garden' posters.

Another favourite pass time is making butterflies which I love. I wish I could keep them all but of course you have to pick and choose. At least it's something to do with loo roll tubes!

I leave you with violent pink T-Rex. On my last trip to the wool shop Imogen insisted on adding a ball of this shocking pink wool to my basket. Being a wuss I relented wondering what on earth I was going to do with it but as it turns out Imogen had plenty in mind including this dinosaur from one of my many Jean Greenhowe books. I actually really like it although I have yet to find a way to attach arms, legs and heads that I a) find easy and b) doesn't look as amateurish as my current attempts, heads are particularly tricky. Any ideas on this one would be greatly appreciated!


Annie said...

Love your butterflys and welcome to blogland. I don't know how you could lurk and resist for 2 years. You'll have lots to say I'm sure. We are learning about lifecyles at school at the moment and those butterflys are looking good for a Grade one Art Activity. Thanks!

melissa said...

I love the little cardboard playhouse. My daughter would love playing with it too.

Jenny said...

Looks like you are having fun! Pink dinosaur looking good!

lynne said...

that is so brilliant to use old cardboard rolls for butterflies!! I will be trying that this week with my little ones. Thanks for the idea!