Thursday, 4 October 2007

Well, I've decided to stop my lurking in blog land and join in the fun. I found blogs after I gave birth to my daughter and they were a real life line. They kept me sane and feeling like a human being. I love the idea of being part of such a big community (plus I'm just plain nosey!!) The small glimpses into other peoples lives are fun and inspiring......I have loved my 2 years of lurking round but now is the time to join in.
I must admit the majority of blogs I read are crafty but I'm not going to put my blog in the same catagory. Mainly because my crafty skills are not really worthy of devoting a whole blog to but also because I like the idea of consciously taking the time to think about my day(s) and my life and writing about it. It may not be wildly exciting or interesting but it's mine and I'm not forcing anyone to read!
It's very weird writing a post, I'm used to reading the finished article with all the links and pictures etc I'm still working out how to do all that fancy stuff so you'll have to bare with me!


LauraJ said...

Hello...I found you through NoAppropriateBehaviour. You commented on her blog and I thought oh look another Laura just what the world needs another Laurablogger! Wonderful! Now you have a fan! You are beautiful, that little girl is gorgeous and the kitties are to die for!! Pet one for me please??

Laura said...

Lauras make the best bloggers!!! heheh

Congratulations on your new blog - best wishes for a long and fufilling blogging experience!! :)