Friday, 26 October 2007

Errr where did 11 days go?

I can't believe it's been 11 days since a post, that is serious slacking....apologies to blog land. A poor defense is visiting family and time spent enjoying this

Anyhoo, here I am. This wonderful post at noodles and doodles inspired me to turn the T.V. and get going! I'm not just lagging behind in blogging, my ambitious list of 'things to make before Christmas' is shrinking!

Back in....hmmm I dunno say June I thought ....Yeah I can

                  • knit Imogen an advent calender
                  • make finger puppet stocking fillers
                  • knit dinosaurs for Imogen's wee pals
                  • knit cardi's x2 for pregnant sis
                  • knit cardi for Imogen (DONE!!)
                  • knit hat for Imogen (DONE!!)
                  • knit bag for Mum
I've started them all, which perhaps was a mistake, I now feel paralised by the bags of projects stashed around the living room. Then in my stupidness last night I started knitting a dress for Imogen's doll?????I know, I know, I panicked, I needed something to knit and I couldn't possibly do something constructive like FINISH something.

I really need to get a move on with the advent calendar, I keep thinking I have til no Laura advent starts on the 1st of December, and these little fellas need 22 other pals to fill all the pockets up. I hereby pledge to at least finish the advent calendar and post a picture to prove it!!!The dinosaurs and finger puppets have been scrapped and baby cardi's...well he's not due until January so maybe I'll cut myself some slack and just aim to complete them by the due date!

I leave you with a picture of the funky witch who is really looking forward to a halloween party this weekend!


Laura said...

I meant to type a 'off' after the word TV!Doh, I really should read through before hitting publish!

Miss Meep said...

Hello! Just found your blog - love the sound of the knitted advent calendar and look forward to seeing it. Right, I am now going to stop looking at blogs and get on with knitting the hat I started... ahem... a year ago.

a friend to knit with said...

love how ambitious you are! a lot on your list.....mine too....such busy times!
happy halloween to you and yours....cute funky witch!